Jumping Rope FAQs: Burning Calories By Jumping Rope

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Jumping Rope FAQs: Burning Calories By Jumping Rope

Staying fit in this hectic modern life can be a significant struggle, and jumping ropes have become one of the most popular ways people try to be fit. Now, if you are looking to know how many calories you burn doing 1000 skips, you should know that most people burn around 140-190 calories for every 1,000 skips jumping rope at a moderate pace. 

However, the results do vary depending on weight and intensity. So for a 150-pound person jumping rope at a slow pace for 10 minutes will burn 105 calories, whereas, for a 200-pound person, jumping rope at a fast pace for 10 minutes will burn 196 calories. Now, not everyone is 150 or 200 pounds. So how do you find out how many calories a person burns? 

Well, At Trending Up, we have the highest quality home & beauty products. One of our most popular products is the digital jump rope, and in our time, we’ve come across a wide range of questions regarding jump ropes and fitness. So in the following passages, you will find all the frequently asked questions about burning calories by jumping rope so let’s check them out!

How To Find Out Burnt Calories When Jumping Rope?

To find out how many calories you’ve burnt, you can use a formula which is “MET x body weight in Kg x 3.5) ÷ 200.” MET is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity for some time. For example, one MET is one’s energy expenditure from sitting still at room temperature not actively digesting food.

 However, you should keep in mind that MET doesn’t estimate the cost of energy in physical activity in individuals as it doesn’t account for body mass, adiposity, age, sex, efficiency of movement, geographic and environmental conditions. 

That means energy expenditure for the same activity can be significant, but the actual energy cost for an individual may or may not be close to the stated mean MET level.

Does Weight Impact The Number of Calories Burned While Jumping Rope?

It’s a given that heavier people burn more calories doing the same thing that a lighter person would. For example, a person weighing 200-pound doing 100-120 skips per minute will burn 563 calories in 30 minutes whereas, a 150-pound person will burn only 422 calories doing the same thing. 

So if you are thinking about doing 100 jump ropes a day or maybe a thousand, you should use the formula we mentioned above to find out how many calories you need to burn each day. 

Does Jumping Rope Faster Burn More Calories?

Studies show that skipping the rope faster results in a more intense workout. So, for example, a 180-pound person jumping rope for 10 minutes at under 100 skips per minute will burn 126 calories, at 100-120 skips per minute will burn 169 calories, and at 120+ skips per minute burn 176 calories. 

As you can see, the secret to burning more calories is dependent on your weight and how fast you turn. So the same 180-pound person will burn 1,000 calories in 79.5 minutes jumping at under 100 skips/minute, in 59.3 minutes jumping at 100 to 120 skips per minute, and in 56.9 minutes jumping at under 20 skips per minute. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Jump Rope 500 Times?

One of the most frequently asked questions about jumping ropes we face is, “how many calories will I burn if I jump rope 500 times?” Well, the average person will burn 70-100 calories after jumping rope 500 times. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Jump Rope 500 Times - 100 jump ropes a day - Trending Up

But as you know, it also depends on your weight and the intensity of the skipping. So that means a 150-pound person making 83 skips a minute will take 6 minutes and burn 63 calories. Whereas someone weighing 200-pounds jumping rope at 125 skips a minute will take 4 minutes and burn 78 calories.

How Many Calories Will You Burn Jumping Ropes For 30 Minutes?

Typically people burn 315-580 calories in 30 minutes jumping rope. So if you are a 150-pounds and make 83 skips a minute, you will burn 315 calories in 30 minutes whereas, if you are 200-pounds making 140 skips a minute, you will burn 587 calories in 30 minutes.

How Many Skips Does It Take To Burn 500 Calories?

On average, you need to skip about 2,700 to 3,600 times to burn 500 calories. So if you jump at the rate of 100 skips a minute will need to jump for 27 minutes to burn 500 calories whereas, someone weighing only 150-pounds skipping ropes at the same rate will need 36 minutes to burn 500 calories.

Buying Digital Jumping Ropes

So there you go; those are the most frequently asked questions we face Trending Up. Now, as you can see, jumping ropes is a viable option for burning calories and keeping one fit. Make sure to use the formula above to find out how many skips you need to make to ensure you burn as many calories as you need to. 

However, keeping track of how many skips you’ve made while jump skipping can be hard on you. But with a digital jumping rope, you won’t have to go through the hassle of keeping track of your jumps. So try investing in one, and we can help you out with that. We have a list of carefully curated digital jump ropes that will keep track without any hassle. So get in touch, and we will hook you up! 

Also, if you have any further questions about jumping ropes or about health and wellbeing, feel free to drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for your today. We will come back with something new for you. Until then, see ya!